August Birthstone: Brilliant Peridot Gemstone

The Peridot Gemstone is the Perfect Gift for an August Birthday

peridot topaz ring
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Peridot gemstone is associated with the month of August. Peridot is unique because it is one of the only birthstones that stays true to it’s original color of green. The shade of green can vary depending on how much iron is captured in the structure of the stone. The most common peridot found is a dark olive green color but it can be found in lighter colors such as a yellowish green.
Peridot is often confused with emerald because of their similar color. Peridot derives from olivine, as it was called historically, whilst emeralds derive from the mineral beryl.
Today, peridot is commonly found in pins, brooches, and peridot jewelry forms including peridot rings, peridot necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all types of birthstone jewelry and accessories.

peridot pendant necklace
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