The Versatile Gift: The Sterling Silver Ring – A mothers ring

The Sterling Silver Ring – The Most Versatile Gift One of the most versatile pieces of jewelry on the market is the sterling silver ring. What makes it so versatile? … Read More

Sterling Silver 4mm Beads: Perfect for Your Next Project

Sterling Silver 4mm Beads are the Most Popular Beads and the use of them for making jewelry is becoming more popular every year. One of the most sought after sizes … Read More

Sterling Silver Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

Silver Jewelry is One of the Best Gifts With many occasions such as graduation, birthdays and mother’s day always right around the corner, many people scramble around trying to find … Read More

Own a Sterling Silver Rope Chain

A Sterling Silver Rope Chain you can own one   Fashion changes nearly as often as the seasons do. However, the sterling silver chain has remained a timeless piece of … Read More

Royal Engagement Rings

There are countless styles of engagement rings but one style, in particular, that has stuck overtime is the Royal Engagement Ring Collection. Royal engagement rings are classic pieces, holding the … Read More

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

We look at rose gold engagement rings in amongst all the different trends constantly surfacing in the jewelry fashion world. There are hundreds of thousands of options when it comes … Read More

Oversized Jewelry is Always Trending

Gigantic, bold, and oversized jewelry is a trend that does not seem to let up. Color, shape and materials all look futuristic but with an industrial, organic, flavor. Dune the … Read More

Murano Glass Jewelry

Murano Glass Jewelry is a fine hand made blown glass that is produced from the historic Venetian island of Murano. The island is located off the shore of Venice, Italy. … Read More

Mother’s Day Perfect Jewelry Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day gifts, always a big question. What to give your mom on Mother’s Day, always a big question. Mother’s always seem to already have everything they need. So why … Read More

Mixed Metal Jewelry Fashion

Remember back when white after Labor Day was a fashion no-no and shoes had to match the purse? Well, fashion these days is all about making your own rules, which … Read More

Monogram Jewelry and Name Plate Jewelry

Monogram Jewelry and Name Plate Jewelry have a timeless trend in the fashion jewelry world with personalized jewelry and customizable jewelry. Right now, the hottest trend in these categories is … Read More

Irish Claddagh Rings

A timeless look in the fashion world are the Irish Claddagh Rings. Claddagh rings were first discovered in Europe, dating back to Roman times. In medieval and Renaissance Europe, the … Read More

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