Irish Claddagh Rings

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A timeless look in the fashion world are the Irish Claddagh Rings. Claddagh rings were first discovered in Europe, dating back to Roman times. In medieval and Renaissance Europe, the rings were first worn as “love rings” and “marriage rings.”
Irish Claddagh rings hold the symbolic meaning of friendship, love, and/or marriage. The design of the ring portrays elements of each of these meaningful aspects. There are two hands holding a heart, with a crown on top. The two hands symbolize friendship, while the heart symbolizes love and the crown, loyalty, something that should be found in both friendship and love.
Claddagh rings can also hold symbolism in the way they are worn. If the heart is pointing toward the wearer, this means their heart has been taken by someone whether it’s a boyfriend, fiance, or husband. When the heart is pointing away from the wearer, this means they are still single and available.
While Irish Claddagh rings are mainly used as a form of friendship ring, they have also been used by couples as engagement and wedding rings. Some couples feel this is a way to add more symbolism and heritage to their marriage. In Ireland, Claddagh rings are passed down from generation to generation, holding family tradition and value.
Today, Claddagh rings come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. They are most commonly found in sterling silver and gold styles and
sometimes complimented with a gemstone such as genuine Baltic amber or birthstones. Claddagh rings can be easily matched with any outfit, for any occasion and match especially well with Celtic Knot Jewelry and other Celtic Jewelry.


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