The Lariat Necklace Is Fun And Trendy

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Lariat necklace

The Lariat Necklace is a great trendy jewelry piece that you’ll love wearing for its simplicity and versatile fashion style. The lariat is a necklace that has no clasp and is worn around the neck with open ends. The lariat style necklace The ends of the lariat may be tied into a loose knot, tied with a lariat style lope, or even fastened with a ring.

It can also be made into a corded style necklace which is then looped into a knot or can be secured by a slider. The lariat necklace is similar to the Bolo necklaces which is made of braided leather and adorned with a slide ornament. The slide piece which can be made up of any decorative silver, gold or gem stone
ornament.The slide fastens the leather and slides up towards the chin leaving two ends hanging.

The modern lariat necklace is highly fashionable and favored by many celebrities. There are endless variations of beautiful lariat necklaces made from gorgeous glittering diamonds to expensive breathtaking pearls.

The lariat necklace is able to be customized by the wearer to fit their particular neckline. There are lariats that are designed with very long drops that cascade down the back creating a dramatic accent for a long gown or dress with an open back, like with a wedding gown. Jewels at the end of the lariat chain add weight to keep the necklace from coming undone.

There are so many fun and creative ways to wear a lariat style necklace because of it not having a stationary clasp to lock it in one position only. Wrapping or tying the lariat gives the wearer multitude styles from one necklace if it is long stranded.

Lariats have been a huge hit in shimmering sterling silver, and pearls along with sweet charming motifs of hearts, peace signs, stars, doves, also in Pandora beads and Tiffany inspired.