Monogram Jewelry and Name Plate Jewelry

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Monogram Jewelry and Name Plate Jewelry have a timeless trend in the fashion jewelry world with personalized jewelry and customizable jewelry. Right now, the hottest trend in these categories is Custom Monogram Jewelry and Custom Nameplate Jewelry. These styles take jewelry pieces and make them a unique style that’s true-to-you by incorporating your name or initials.
Custom Monogram Jewelry makes a beautiful piece as a gift for yourself or to give to others. Monogram Jewelry is made up of your initials monogrammed in metals such as sterling silver, creating jewelry whether it’s a necklace, earrings, ring, or bracelet. Monogrammed jewelry typically starts with your first initial, ends with your last initial, and features your last initial, largest in the center. Monogram Jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes, and metals and can be easily mixed and matched with other various monogram jewelry or other jewelry styles for a complete look, complimenting any outfit for any occasion. Monograms have been seen in heart shapes, round shapes, keys pendants, and many more styles.
Custom Nameplate Jewelry also makes a beautiful piece as a gift for yourself or to give to others. Name plate jewelry is made up of your name in the style of your choice. These necklaces come in various different types of metals including sterling silver, rose, and rose gold. Custom name jewelry has become especially popular for couples. Couples are now getting jewelry with names of both members of the couple on the jewelry for a heartfelt, sentimental piece. Some people are even getting their birthstones put into the custom name plate jewelry to make it even more personalized.
If you are looking for a personal, unique piece that you can customize and personalize to call your own, custom monogram jewelry and custom nameplate jewelry are for you!

Silver love-you-elizabeth nameplate
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