Oversized Jewelry is Always Trending

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Gigantic, bold, and oversized jewelry is a trend that does not seem to let up. Color, shape and materials all look futuristic but with an industrial, organic, flavor. Dune the movie is a good example of what was being seen on runways some time back and has stuck around as a fashion trend. This jewelry is edgy, geometric shaped, colorful, fun, and romantic.
There are a huge variety of different styles and shapes around. You will find so many designs that are new and innovative by cutting edge jewelry designers. Depending on the look you are after, you can look for all the oversized pieces that really call attention to you.
Bangle bracelets are extremely interesting to pair up with your different outfits. Combining large sets of huge bangles in the multitude of big shapes and textures add so much drama as the showpiece of your outfit’s accessory.
Classic and sophisticated or young and artsy are all still in style featuring jewelry to die for. Another way to get the big look in bangles is to add a load of thin bangles together to create your own built up large style. Mix the shapes together or just use the same bangles in succession. Plastics, Fabrics, Metals, bright colors or neutral, oversized bangles are perfect to complete an outfit in any season.
Cocktail Rings are also done in many large shapes even seen as large multi-finger ring design. These almost look like brass knuckles with style. Don’t get anyone mad at you who is wearing one of these dangerous looking rings!
Statement Necklaces can be the sole statement jewelry piece to add that extra flair to dresses, suits, or casual wear. Metallic geometric or plastic floral motifs on oversized chains are brilliant accents.
Since this look is so dramatic don’t try wearing all of your new big jewelry all at the same time. If a big necklace, chunky bangles stacked or monster earrings are what you want, then add one for each outfit or the oversized pieces will look too much or overkill instead of fashionable.

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