Shamrock Jewelry An Irish Collection And History

silver claddagh irish ring
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Shamrock Jewelry comes in many styles and is a very cool way to add some interesting and fun pieces to your jewelry collection. Yes, there is a difference between a Shamrock and a four leaf clover. The big difference between a Shamrock and a “four leaf clover” is the four leaf clover is a lucky charm or a symbol of good luck. The Shamrock has a very strong significance to the Irish culture as St. Patrick was said to have explained the Holy Trinity by the Shamrock’s three leaves.
In the American Civil War, the Irish Brigade led by Pat Kelly carried two flags. One of the flags was a three leafed clover or Shamrock, the other flag was a harp, which is the symbol of Ireland. One of the most famous figures of Notre Dame was the Father who had accompanied the brigade.
One Irish tradition is the Claddagh Ring which features a design of two hands clasping a heart and a crown surmounting them. The elements that make up the ring’s symbols are said to correspond to the qualities of loyalty – the crown, love – the heart, and friendship – the hands.
Claddagh is pronounced “klada” and is also the name of a small and ancient Irish fishing village. This village used to exist in the Irish countryside near the center of Galway. Claddagh means “the stony beach” or an Cladach.
Another beautiful Irish Jewelry style is the Celtic Knot Design. The Celtic people honored the Earth and regarded it as a divine being. The Celtic Knot symbolize inter-connectedness of all people and nature together.
The color green is the symbolic color of St. Patrick’s Day because of the gorgeous lush clover ground cover carpeting the entire country. “Green Erin” is the nickname the Celts referred to as their idea of heaven, Ireland is also known as the “Emerald Isle”
These are the many Irish Jewelry styles to choose from whether you love Shamrock Jewelry, Claddagh or Celtic Designs.

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