Silver Anklets + Ankle Bracelets For Dressing Up Pretty Ankles

Silver Anklets Makes Them Look So Pretty

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Anklets are just the right touch to add interest and complete your new outfit. They come in many styles now for the perfect look you desire. CZ, Sterling, Silver Heart Anklets, Tiffany Style Anklets, Bead Anklets, Diamond Cut, Pearl Anklets, Crystals, Gemstones all come in Anklet and Ankle Bracelets.
Ankle Bracelets and Toe Rings have been worn in Egypt, the Arab World, by women and girls for centuries. In India they were worn by the married women. Recently in the US in the late 20th Century we have seen Ankle Bracelets becoming very popular.
Going barefoot is fun and women love their adornments making Anklets the accessory of choice for the beach or a warm Summer evening out.
As early as the Bronze Age there have been bronze Anklets in temperate Europe. These were found primarily in the tumulus culture that was spread along the Danube, around the alpine foreland, also up the Rhine towards the Atlantic and downwards on the Rhone. The hoards of these areas wore the Anklets along with other Bronze items. This was 1800 BCE and onwards.
Of the original metal Anklets there are two different types – inflexible and flexible. Inflexible ones are made by creating shape to a flat piece of metal. Flexible ones are created by tying links into a chain. These are called paayal, pajeb or in India are called jhanjhar. Sonorous bells can also be attached to the anklet chain and make a pleasing sound whilst walking.
Odissi, kuchipudi, kathak, and bharatnatyam dancers wear Ghunghru or small bell anklets around their ankles to create the sound while performing.
Whatever Anklet or Ankle Bracelet style you choose for your own personal taste it will add fun and decorative interest to a pretty ankle.

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