The Celtic Cross Story

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Since the early middle ages in Ireland and England the Celtic Cross came into use. It is combination of the Latin cross with a circle around the join of the cross pieces. Widely used by Irish missionaries during the 9th to 12th centuries, and was used in stone high crosses wherever the Irish missionaries visited.

The origins are still being debated but it is known to be related to much earlier crosses with a circle in the motif. During the 19th century the Celtic Revival became popular and the “Celtic Cross” became the standard label for this form of cross.
This Celtic Cross has gained popularity far beyond the borders of Ireland and has spread around the world. The Legend goes that the cross was introduced by St Patrick and or St Declan. It is thought that the circle symbolizes the sun and it’s life giving properties.
The modern revival and general interest was given a boost by a couple Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie who created jewelry items with the Celtic Cross and became popular at the turn of the 20th century.

The Celtic Cross has been fashioned into many forms of jewelry such as Celtic Cross Rings, Celtic Cross bracelets and Celtic Cross pendants or Celtic Cross necklaces.

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